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Having To Date Donated $100 or More

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All brothers donating $100, or more, to benefit Alpha House
will have their names displayed on a plaque
posted prominently - and permanently - in the hallway of Alpha House.


Now You Can Pay Your Dues,
and/or Become a Life Member,
and/or Make a Donation to the House
either electronically
using your credit card or a bank debit card

[How to do it]
or the old-fashioned way
by personal check
mailed to:

Delta Phi Epsilon
P.O. Box 25401
Washington, DC 20027



Listed on this site are all the Brothers having so far contributed to Alpha Chapter House.

Alpha Chapter has occupied its House at 3401 Prospect Street, NW, in Georgetown since October 1940. The building has endured much wear and tear and, for many years, only the most elementary maintenance was done. Brothers everywhere are now being asked to pitch in and to contribute to the restoration of this venerable manse

The "Alumni House Fund" was established in August 1978 by Bros. Terrence J. Boyle, Al-'63, William J. Treanor, Al-'64, and Robert W. Scherreik, Al-'73, to help restore and maintain Alpha House.

This Fund was intended to be an endowment for the House. All donations to it are invested and only the interest earned is to be spent on House improvements.

Of course, prior to the Fund's creation in 1978, many alumni had for years been contributing generously to Alpha House. Those donations, however, by 1978 had long since been spent by the Chapter and, in most cases, not even the identities of the earliest donors, let alone the specific amounts of their gifts, were any longer known.

Since 1978, careful records been kept of all donors and donations and the investing of every gift makes the amount a perpetual donation, earning interest for the House year after year.

For many years brothers have asked if it is possible to make tax-deductible donations.

The Internal Revenue Service does not allow tax deductions for donations to fraternities or sororities.

In 1960, therefore, the Alpha brothers created the "Delta Phi Epsilon Foundation for Foreign Service Education."

And, at long last, in the mid-1980s the officers of the Foundation applied to the I.R.S. for, and were granted, the status of a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable and educational organization, meaning that all donations to the Foundation, ever since that date, can be tax deductible by the donors.

Since the mid-1980s, therefore, most alumni donations have been directed to the Foundation founded in 1960 rather than to the "Alumni House Fund" founded in 1978.

Web Site of the Alpha House Foundation

Web Site of the National Foundation

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