Starting the Third Millennium

Alpha brothers all over the world are now organizing
to begin a major renovation of Alpha House.

In the spring of 2000 the winds and rain
connected with Hurricane Floyd
caused major damage to the House's roofs,
resulting over the next several months
in even more serious damage to the ceilings and walls
all through the building.

This crisis has precipitated an evaluation
of what repair work is long overdue for our venerable House.

A committee of brothers,
 headed by former National President Clifford H. Rees, Al-'55,
was formed and has commissioned a study
by professionals of the House's condition.

That Report is set out below.

The next step is getting contractors' estimates
of the costs for these repairs.

Please start now
helping out the House
by sending in your donations.

For information
e-mail us now.

To see the text of the Inspectors' Report
e-mail me
The report is very long,
and has 29 color photographs,
thus it uses up too much memory
for us to keep it continually posted
on this site.
E-mail to me that you would like to see it,
and for a day or so I'll re-post it,
i.e., long enough for you to access it.

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