VIII. Bathrooms and Kitchen.

1. 3rd floor Bathroom: Cosmetically the bathroom is in bad condition because of the leaks in the vents noted in part II.8.

+ The shower stall surround is in disrepair and must be fixed because it is so likely to leak into the room below.

+ The toilet is loose and clogged. A loose toilet will leak.

There is no exhaust fan, only a window.

The GFI outlet doesn't trip correctly.

The floor drain location is not in the low spot of the floor slope. Consequently splash is running under the door threshold and into the bath below. The amount of water on the floor should be controllable by the users. Since this work is new, albeit imperfect, it seems inefficient to tear it all out and do it again, however if the baths are going to remain in these locations and be used by this many people then they should be torn out, and redesigned, and installed in accordance with the locker room standards that they are being subjected to.

2. 2nd Floor Bathroom: The drywall is damaged from all the toilet, waste line leaks and the shower above.

The floor drain is not in the low spot of the floor slope.

The GFI outlet doesn't trip correctly.

The same general advice applies to this bath as to the 3rd floor bath.

Figure 18. Waste line leaking from 3rd floor Bathroom into the 2nd floor Bathroom.

Figure 19. Water damage to the doorway of the 2nd floor bathroom
coming from the shower stall and floor of the 3rd floor Bathroom.

3. Basement Bathroom. There are two toilets in the basement bathroom. One is clogged and stinking badly. The fiberglass shower surround collects water behind it at the top, and the ball valves are stripped and spin 360 degrees. All of the cosmetic conditions are primitive. It is not commensurate with modern health standards.

Figure 20. Tbe Basement Bathroom.
The toilet on the left is not operable, water is standing on the floor,
there is no ventilation, the shower stall leaks,
the floor drain doesn't catch the water,
the finishes aren't designed for bathrooms.

Figure 21. These valves are stripped.

Figure 22. The shower stall allows water behind it.

4. Kitchen: The kitchen is very basic and functional. There are no priority repair needs in the kitchen.


End of Part VIII (Bathrooms and Kitchen)

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