VI. The Plumbing System.

1. Water main: The water main is 3/4 inch copper from the building to the street, and it changes to 1" as soon as it comes in the house. The sufficiency of 3/4" can only be decided after you determine how many baths you will have in your final design. It is marginal for the existing number of baths assuming that several showers may be in use at once.

2. Supply piping: The majority of the supply piping has been updated to copper from the original galvanized steel. Replacement and modernization of supply pipes is not a significant issue in this house. There is an occasional leaking valve in the basement but those are all just routine maintenance repairs.

3. Drain piping: The drains are a mix of cast iron, galvanized steel, and PVC. The pipes are fundamentally adequate and should only need routine repairs. You currently have a leak in the main waste line below the 3rd floor bathroom that is damaging the finishes in 2nd floor bathroom.

4. Water heater: The water is heated by a 1991, A.O. Smith 100 gallon gas water heater. This should last several more years and was working correctly at the time of inspection. There is a valve dripping above the water heater.

+ The water heater vents into an unlined chimney on an outside wall. It is normal practice as a modern safety standard to install a metal liner in these instances to be sure that the flue stays warm enough to allow exhaust gasses to vent out all the way. Without a liner flue gasses condense and produce a corrosive condensation in the chimney that will decay the brick. In cold weather the gasses will cease to draft and will backdraft into the basement or seek out gaps in the brick and vent into adjacent chimneys and fireplaces. Have a chimney repairman evaluate the flue condition and size, and make a recommendation for the best type of liner.


End of Part VI (The Plumbing System)

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