(The Basement: the Party Room,
the Rat Run, the Furnace Room
& the three Bedrooms )


(The Cove, The Ballroom, and The Cave)


The Cove

The Cove,
as seen from its door, looking east towards 34th Street, and then from its windows, looking west towards its door.

Originally this space was the House's garage, but it was made into a bedroom
even before Delta Phi Epsilon bought the House in 1940.
A servant of the Woolley family lived here.
During World War II, Edward A. White,
the only Brother then remaining at Georgetown University,
moved into this room with his new bride, Helen,
and, as House Manager, was able to save the House for the Fraternity
by renting out all the upstairs rooms to a succession
of medical students, military officers, and government employees.

The bedroom was eliminated in 1967 by then chapter president Douglas Davidson,
who expanded the Party Room to include the area of the two nearby bedrooms.
In 1981 then chapter president Reginald Tyson temporarilly returned this area
to being a bedroom, which he called The Cove.
In 1985 The Cove was permanently restored as a bedrrom
and given on its north and west sides new plaster walls.
In August 2001 new wood panel east and south walls and a new tile ceiling
were installed.

The Ballroom

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The Cave

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The Party Room fireplace
was in the 19th century the House's oven;
This room was then the House's kitchen,
and is the oldest part of the building's ground floor.

Shown are sections of the wall display cases for pledgees' paddles,
and, at far left, part of the basement fireplace,
and one of the two sound-system speakers;
at center, the exit door to the the rear passageway of the House;
and, at far right, the front of the Bar.

On front of the the Bar are the Greek letters for Delta Phi Epsilon.
painted in 1990 by Bros. Matthew B. Mixa, Al-'89, and Corey A. Shearer, Al-'89.

This bar was constructed in 1986 by Bro. Robert B. Blasi, Al-'83;
from the bar top that had been used there from 1967 to 1985.
The brass rail was an addition by Bro. Blasi.

Behind the Bar, barely visible in this photograph,
is a small window looking out onto the rear passageway,
and, next to that, a smaller framed photograph
of the late Bro. James B. "the Bishop" Cloherty, Al-'56,
who for many years was the sacristan for the Georgetown University chapels
and known as "Alpha Chapter's truest friend".

The concrete floor is repainted gold every spring by the pledgees.

Shown here is the southernmost part of the the bar
The mirror hanging on the rear wall of the bar
has been in this Party Room since 1967;
the corridor past the narrow archway leads to,
at left, the (unseen) door to the Bar Room
and the (unseen) door to the Basement Bathroom,
at the end of the corridor, the door to the "Ballroom",
the smallest of the basement bedrooms,
and, at right, the (unseen) door to the "Cove",
a much larger bedroom,

The south side of the Party Room
at left, is the archway to the corridor
that leads to the doorway to the Bar Room,
to the basement's bathroom, and
to the "Ballroom" and the "Cove"
(two of the basement's three bedrooms);
at the center, is the door to the Servants' Staircase
going up to main floor's The Spraker Library; and,
at right, is the door leading to the "Rat Run",
to the Furnace Room and
to the "Cave"
(the third of the basement bedrooms).
.At far right can be seen a section of the Party Room fireplace.

In the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s,
the Party Room's bar was located
between in that corner between the fireplace and the door to the Rat Run.
In 1967, however, as part of Chapter President Douglas E. Davidson's
renovations of the entire basement area,
the bar was re-located to the room's opposite corner,
where it still remains.

Paddles have hung on the walls of the Party Room
since the early 1940s.
The six display cases containing them,
and the two shelves holding the sound system speakers,
were built in 1986 by Bro. Robert Blasi, Al-'85.

"Captain Bob"
Bro. Robert R. Blasi, Al-'85,
the retired lawyer who built the bar, the paddle display cases,
and the ledges for the sound system speakers
and who painted the ceiling and stripped the fireplace brickwork,
is shown in September 1985 halfway through his construction efforts.




The doorway from the Party Room that leads to the Rat Run
the corridor leading to the Cave,
one of the three basement bedrooms,
and to the Furnace Room.

The Rat Run
at left, as seen from the door to the basement Party Room,
showing the washer and dryer, the soda machine,
and the door (with a lightning bolt) to The Cave;
and, at right, as seen from just inside The Cave,
showing from the other side the washer and dryer.
the Canadian flag marks the entry way to the Furnace Room.

In the Rat Run are storage shelves
for some excess pledge paddles, house supplies, etc.



Looking from the Rat Run doorway into storeage area of the Furnace Room

(a part of the House's hot water heater can be seen to the right)

The Crown Freeport furnace donated in 1987 by Bro. Martin Kennedy, Al-'86


Looking east from the door to the Rat Run and southeast from just inside the door to the Rat Run

Looking north from just south of the former coal delivery 3th St door and northwest towards the door into the Rat Run








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