At the University of California - Berkeley

Epsilon Chapter

of the Fraternity
initiates its
94th Line


Epsilon Chapter

of the Sorority
initiates its
8th Line


Group photograph of the Brothers and Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity and Sorority

 taken at the 29 November 2007 initiations by the Fraternity's and Sorority's Epsilon Chapters


Fraternity's Alpha Chapter
initiates its
176th Line

Brothers attending Alpha Chapter's 176th initiatory Banquet


Fourteen Line Brothers

and one National Brother
took the Fraternal Oath
at Alpha House,

the Line Brothers on November 11, 2007,

and the National Brother on December 8, 2007.

The New Line Brothers are:
Robert Benjamin Nelson of Chicago, IL,
Kenneth Looby Morris of Stony Point, NY,

Tyler Colin Stone of Harvard, MA,
William James Quinn of Detroit, MI,

Ivan Andriyovich Batishchev of Rome, GA,

Lawrence Cenk Laws of Falls Church, VA,

Alejandro Mendoza Márquez of El Paso, TX,

Andrew Grassette Perrin of Wien, AUSTRIA,

Joshua Thomas Pierson of Troy, VA
Tom Jichang Han of Shrewsbury, MA,

Joseph Edward Miller of Itasca, IL,

Timothy James McLaughlin of Franklin, MA,

Michael William McGillen of River Forest, IL,

Christian James Assaad of Frederick MD.

The New National Brother is:
Tyler John Gardner of Lexington, VA,


The Initiation Team:
Bro. Christiaan De Luigi, Al-'02, was the Line Captain,
Bro. Clayton Keir, Al-'04, was the Senior Assistant Line Captain,
Bros. Desmond Rawls, Al-'06; Patrick Latimer, Al-'05;
Michael Kuebler, Al-'05; Charles Prahl, Al-'05;
Nicholas Greenough, Al-'06, and Reza Jan, Al-'06,
were the Junior Assistant Line Captains;
and Bro. Timothy Ralls, Al-'05,
was the Line Chaplain.



Eta Chapter
begins pledging its
57th Line

Nine neophytes
took the Pledge Oath

and, as of October 28,

all nine remain

Harry Dobelle, Eta Chapter's Vice-President for Membership,

(in the GWU shirt)

with pledgees of Eta's 57th Line,

at work in the party room of Alpha House

on finishing their paddles.

Active Brothers and their Girlfriends

Gather Following Polo Matches

at the Great Meadows Farm of Bro. Philip Karber,

September 2007



Student Brothers at Work Weeding and Gardening

the Sidewalks and Lawns of Delta Phi Epsilon House,

September 2007


Graduating Brothers of GU's Class of 2007

Have Farewell Bar-B-Q

at Alpha House

6 May 2007

Gaurav Garg, Gene Gerzhoy, Nick Miede, Dante Randazzo, Joe Brennan, Anthony Comfort, Christian Dully, Brad Sammis, Joslyn Ureña, Ed Duffy,
Michael Kaiser, Alex Reish, Michael Jacko, Clayton Keir, Ryan Gelinas, and Frank Vargas
(attending, but not in picture: Kenneth Martin, Patrick Morrissey, Emilio Lopez)


Alpha Brothers Start

Chess Nights

at Alpha House

Weekly Multiple Chess Games

Became a Tuesday Night Fixture this Spring

at 3401 Prospect Street


Eta Chapter
initiates its
56th Line

On Sunday, April 15, 2007,

Eta initiated fifteen Line Brothers and one National Brother

in ceremonies at The George Washington University University Club.

The George Washington University University Club.


New and old Eta Brothers following the swearing-in.

Brothers and Pledgees of Eta Chapter

paid a visit to Alpha Chapter

12 April 2007

prior to Eta's initiation weekend.


Alpha Chapter

Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Sorority
initiates its
Victoria Line

The new and old sisters of Alpha Chapter

following initiation ceremonies for the Victoria Line

13 April 2007.

The Student Sisters of Eta Chapter

of Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Sorority
Gathered Together at Delta Phi Epsilon's 87th Founders' Day

24 February 2007

Epsilon Chapter
initiates its
92nd Line

On Friday, December 8, 2006,

Epsilon initiated the two Line Brothers

of its 92nd Line.

All of the student brothers of Epsilon Chapter,

present at the initiation ceremonies for the 92nd Line.

Alpha Chapter
initiates its
175th Line

Twenty-one Line Brothers

and one National Brother

took the Fraternal Oath;

on March 25, 2007

The New Line Brothers:
Randal Horace Drew of Jacksonville, FL,
Jasdeep Singh of Edison, NJ,
Carter Harrison Lavin of Merion, PA,

Boris Gyorgievich Zikratov of Fairfax, Va,
John Ireland Dougherty of Austin, TX,
Daniel Phelps Balck of Asheville, NC,

Michael Allen William Durham of Dallas, TX,

Adam DeMaio Kemal of New York, NY,

Denis John Theodore McLaughlin of Vienna, VA,

Reginald Wayne Greer of Wichita Falls, TX,

Joseph Hugh Hart of Orlando, FL,

Joseph Christopher Gambino of Plandôme, NY
Daniel Anthony Hill of Celebration, FL,

Justin Wendell Charity of Sandston, VA,

Robert Vance Brady of Sugar Land, TX,

Joseph Salvatore Germani of North Attleboro, MA,

Andrew Joseph Martell of New Milford, CT,

Jeffrey Drew Reger of Shrewsbury, NJ,

Michael Thomas Byerly of Wellesley, MA,

Joseph David McReynolds of Fountain Valley, CA,

Colin Harrison Judd of Bow, NH,

The New National Brother:

Henry Allen Holmes of Washington, DC,

former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal.


The Initiation Team:
Bro. Robert McCutcheon, Al-'94, was the Line Captain,
Bro. Christopher Kellen, Al-'04, was the Senior Assistant Line Captain,
Bros. Eugene Gerzhoy, Al-'05; Gaurav Garg, Al-'05;
Patrick Sullivan, Al-'05; Christian Perlingiere, Al-'04;
Shawn Marhamati, Al-'06, and Fabien Thayamballi, Al-'06,
were the Junior Assistant Line Captains;
and Bro. Ryan Gelinas, Al-'06,
was the Line Chaplain.


Alpha Chapter
initiates its
174th Line

on November 12, 2006

The New Initiates

Phillip Christopher Wilcox of Great Falls, VA,
Michael Francis Mulligan of Omaha, NE,
Nicholas Bates Greenough of New York, NY,

Grayson McClure Badgley of Boise, ID,
William John Wnekowicz of Cedar Grove, NJ,
Joseph Patrick Brennan of Voorhees, NJ,
Asif Omar Ahsan of Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Timur Toyter of Brooklyn, NY,

Desmond Petschek Rawls of Woodinville, WA,

Éamon Kevin Nolan of Chevy Chase, MD,

Frederick Washington Moore of Louisville, KY,

David Thomas Silbergeld of Princeton, NJ,

Emilio Andres Lopez of Los Angeles, CA,

James Allen Unger of Los Angeles, CA,
Daniel Edwin Purvis of Arlington, VA,

Ildefonso Paul Mas of Miami, FL



The Initiation Team:
Bro. Christopher Whipps, Al-'00, was the Line Captain,
Bro. Nicholas Miede, Al-'05, was the Senior Assistant Line Captain,
Bros. Stephen Kim, Al-'05; John Cantalupi, Al-'05;
Carlos Infante, Al-'05; Eugene Gerzhoy, Al-'04;
Patrick Morrissey, Al-'04, and Clayton Holk, Al-'05,
were the Junior Assistant Line Captains;
and Bro. Stephen DeMatteo, Al-'05,
was the Line Chaplain.





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