The National Endowment Fund was established on June 20, 1930,

at the Sixth National Convention
of Delta Phi Epsilon

Professional Foreign Service Fraternity

upon a recommendation first made in 1928

by Bro. Philip Ries Faymonville, Be-'27.

It ever since has been the National Fraternity's permanent savings account.

Besides the occasional donations,
this Endowment Fund is built up from:

1) the $100 life membership fee
paid by each alumnus brother
becoming a Life Member,

and also

2) the $3 out of each new initiate's $21 head tax,
mandated by the Fraternity's Bye-Laws

to be transferred to the Endowment Fund


The principal of the Endowment Fund must remain inviolate.

Only the interest earned on that principal
may be used,
and, even then, only
at the direction of the Chairman

and Trustees of the Fund.



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