1503 21st Street, NW
mid-October 1921 - mid-February 1923

Entire House rented by Delta Phi Epsilon for $250 a month

In September 1921, just as Delta Phi Epsilon began its third academic year,
the lease expired on its Connecticut Avenue home
and Alpha chapter moved to its second house,
located at 1503 21st Street, NW,
just one building north of the corner of 21st and P Streets.
Alpha's second house became in later years the Washington Gallery of Modern Art
and, since the early 1990s,
it has been the Economics Section of the Polish Embassy


........The house in 1964................................. The house in 1997


The First National Convention of Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity,
held in December 1921 at Alpha Chapter's 2nd House, 1503 21st Street, NW.


Formal Dance at Alpha Chapter's 2nd House, February 18, 1922.